Here is our sizing chart, including other brands & countries to compare your size to.
Sea Spell Size Chart
Still not sure what size to get? Feel free to contact me to have a chat at

A few things to note are :

1. Our fabric has very good stretch so will expand or compress within 1 - 2 sizes.

2. If you are ordering a darker coloured print on leggings, I recommend ordering your size or one up. Why? Because all brands than digitally print on activewear use a white base-cloth fabric, and if this is stretched out to the extreme, the print is stretched out and the white base-cloth shows through.


Not sure what your measurements are? 

1. Measuring your bust : Wearing whatever bra you intend to wear with the item, wrap your measuring tape around your chest at the widest part of your bust (breathing normally & standing at ease). 

2. Measuring your waist : Standing still & relaxed, wrap the tape around the smallest part of your waist (or where your hands naturally go when you have your hands on your waist, not hips).

3. Measuring your hips : You may need to look in the mirror for this. Standing up, wrap the tape around the widest part of your booty & hips. 

Or here's a helpful video to show you how to do it :